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Greenville Robbery Crime Attorney

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The definition of a robbery crime, in most cases, is when property is taken from someone with force, injury, or threats and intimidation, and when there is no reason to believe the property will ever be returned. It can be distinguished from burglary in that burglary is usually in absence of a victim and involves unlawfully entering a property to commit the theft.

In North Carolina, however, nearly all theft and robbery crimes fall into the umbrella category of "larceny" crimes. Due to the general nature of the law, the punishments for those convicted of larceny may seem flexible or varying from one case to another. If you have been arrested for robbery, theft, or burglary in Greenville, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney from the Burch Law Office who can defend you in court and explain to you the penalties you may be facing.

Larceny Crimes in North Carolina

The unlawful taking of any item valued under $1000 in North Carolina will typically be considered a Class 1 misdemeanor. For such a charge, you could be sentenced to up to 45 days in prison if you have no prior convictions, and any amount of days greater than that if you do, based on the severity of your criminal record.

Larceny crimes may escalate to Class H Felony Larceny based on the circumstances, including:

  • Value: If an item stolen is valued over $1000, the crime could be charged as a felony, resulting in higher fines and longer jail sentences.
  • Larceny from someone's person: If an item is stolen directly off someone's person – such as a watch or a purse – the crime is likely to be considered a felony, regardless of the value of the items taken.
  • Location: If items of any value were taken from a location that had to be entered illegally, especially if breaking also occurred, a felony larceny may have occurred.
  • Type of property: According to penal code §14-72(a), firearms, explosives, and documents in custody of the North Carolina State Archives escalate any larceny charge from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Additionally, in the state of North Carolina, law enforcement may seize any vehicle suspected to be involved with a larceny crime using a form of civil forfeiture. A controversial procedure, civil forfeiture allows the police to take property and assets from suspected criminals without necessarily charging the owner with any crime.

Defending Your Rights – We Can Help

Due to the generalized nature of larceny laws, there is certainly room for unclear convictions and unfair sentences. At the Burch Law Office, we have a dedicated focus on criminal defense and a thorough understanding of the law that can be used to build a strong case in your favor. There's no need to feel helpless after you have been arrested when experienced and passionate professionals at our firm are willing and waiting to assist you. Contact our Greenville office today for a free case evaluation.

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