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Greenville Theft Crime Attorney

Have you been charged for theft?

Talking to a Greenville criminal defense attorney is one of the most important steps you can take when facing allegations, arrest or an investigation for a theft crime of any kind. In these situations, you may be at risk of facing serious criminal penalties, including imprisonment, fines and the burden of living with a criminal record, which may affect employment and educational opportunities for years into the future. A theft defense lawyer can help you limit these negative consequences by providing you with the defense counsel you need in the face of theft charges.

Types of Theft Crimes

There are numerous types of individual criminal offenses that are classified as theft crimes. These may be violent or non-violent in nature and may be committed by way of misrepresentation, fraud, force or clandestine means. Our firm handles all types of theft crime cases from our offices in Greenville. We represent clients throughout Pitt County, Beaufort County, Lenoir County, Martin County and Greene County. Some of the cases we handle that relate to theft include, but are not limited to:

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Theft Charges in Greenville

Regardless of the particular circumstances of your case or the specific charges you may be facing, there is often much that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can do to help. With our experience and a former prosecutor to assist you, you will have the benefit of insightful support and aggressive representation every step of the way. Make sure you aggressively challenge your theft charges. At any point in your case, even if you are under investigation and have not yet been charged with a crime, we can help.

Contact a Greenville theft lawyer at Burch Law Office today.

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