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How Do I Know if I am Eligible for Expungement?

When you are convicted of a crime, the future can appear extremely hopeless. After all, doesn't a conviction have the final say? For some individuals, the answer may be yes, but for others, the ...
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Repeat DWI: Penalties in North Carolina

Even though it is rare to see someone get a second Driving While Impaired offense, it does happen, and this can mean serious trouble for a repeat offender. At the end of 2011, the law changed ...
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Bond Reduction

At Burch Law Office, we receive frequent phone calls from friends and family of people who have been arrested and placed under a bond that seems too high. Bondsmen may typically charge between 10 ...
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Driving While License Revoked: Laws & FAQ

In today's society, driving seems to be necessary to get anywhere or to get anything done. However, driving is a privilege. Black's Law Dictionary defines "privilege" as a special ...
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Expunction FAQ

The Burch Law Office regularly receives questions about expunctions in North Carolina, fueled in large part due to recent changes in the laws governing expunctions. There is no way to address all the ...
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What to do if You Were Caught On Tape

If you have been accused of a crime and there is video surveillance footage of you leaving the scene of the crime or even of you committing the act itself, it may seem impossible to avoid conviction. ...
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First Time Drug Offense -- How to Keep a Clean Record

It has been argued for years that marijuana should be legal in the United States, but as hard as many have pushed no leeway has yet been made. However, the North Carolina legislature has taken some ...
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Illegal Wristbands for Underage Students

As another semester begins, young adults from all over will descend upon East Carolina University to pursue an education and enjoy four transition years from youth to adulthood. Alcohol often plays a ...
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Can you beat a DWI charge?

Thankfully, the answer is YES. Greenville DWI Lawyer Timothy Burch and the Burch Law Office handle a large volume of DWI cases. The focus of your defense should be on the stop and the arrest. Often, ...
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Driving While Impaired, DWI's and DUI's: harsher punishment

Driving while impaired, DWI, or DUI, is a misdemeanor driving offense in North Carolina. Prior to June 23, 2011, it was punishable by up to two years in prison for a person with a bad record. On June ...
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Welcome to Our Greenville Criminal Defense Blog

Our attorneys are pleased to announce the launch of our Greenville criminal Defense Blog with RSS feed here
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